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Services Provided by Restful Homes Group

Nursing Care

We provide comprehensive individualised nursing care delivered by our experienced team of fully trained Nurses and Care Assistants. We cater for those requiring general nursing care and also for those who require specialist EMI nursing care

Each resident will receive an assessment prior to admission to ensure that we are able to meet their needs. This assessment will be carried out by one of our Managers and will be used to form the basis of the resident’s care plan. This personalised care plan will detail each and every assessed need and contain a plan of action for those needs to ensure that the resident receives the highest quality care.

Residential Care

We provide residential care in luxury and homely surroundings and will promote independence where possible. We will not only look after all the personal needs of our residential care residents but also promote their social wellbeing and independence.

As with our nursing clients, we will also carry out a full assessment prior to admission and create an individualised care plan to ensure that all assessed needs are met including religious, social and cultural needs.

Dementia Care

At the Restful Homes Group we are Dementia specialists and are committed to providing the highest quality Dementia care. Please click here for further information on Dementia Care at Restful Homes Group.

Respite Care

We understand the considerable pressures of looking after a very dependent elderly person and are aware that at times you would appreciate a break. Should you need to arrange care for a short period from two weeks to as long as you wish then please contact us and we will carry out a full assessment of needs.

If you have arranged a holiday then your loved one can also have a holiday at one of our homes where they will meet new friends and participate in all the daily activities of a vibrant community.

Palliative Care

Should you be in the unfortunate position of requiring palliative or terminal care for a family member or friend, our highly experienced staff will work closely with the local Macmillan Nurses to try and make their final days as happy as they possibly can be.

We will enable the patient or their family to choose a larger room so that they can be surrounded by loved ones whilst continuing to receive the highest quality care.