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Technology in Restful Homes Group Care Homes

In addition to creating environments that are considerably more spacious than you would find in other care homes we are also committed to ensuring that our homes are also at the forefront in the use of technology,

O ur rooms and suites also incorporate an array of innovative technology to ensure that your independence is maximized whilst your needs are safely met. Each bedroom is fitted with acoustic monitoring that can be activated should you wish. This will enable the staff to discretely monitor your room from the Nurses’ Station and help them better respond to your needs and to reduce the risk of falls whilst ensuring that you are not unnecessarily disturbed with hourly checks through the night.

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CLB Acoustic Monitoring (AM)

About CLB: CLB specialises in the development, production, installation and service of innovative integrated communication and alert systems to hospitals and care homes.

We have also equipped each room with a discrete sensor above the bed that can be activated to alert staff if you have been out of bed for longer than normal during the night. This system will turn on two lights when you get out of bed to ensure that you easily find your way to the ensuite without the need to turn on very bright lights.

In addition, the system can alert staff if you may need some assistance in the event that you do not return to bed within a specified period. We also have door sensors that can be switched on to alert staff if your door has opened. Again, it is your choice if this system is activated and it is you who direct your care. This equipment is an aid to the provision of good care, not a substitute.

Restful Homes Group Providing People Centred care for over 30 years
Restful Homes Group Providing People Centred care for over 30 years

We believe that the care we provide should revolve around you and your needs and wishes and we want each of our residents to be involved in the planning and evaluation of their care.

We have introduced an electronic care planning system that isn’t simply focused on the recording of tasks but rather on your wellbeing and your view of the care being provided.

We don’t want our Nurses and Carer Assistants sitting in an office under a mountain of paperwork: we want them to be by your side discussing your care with the most important person – you.

This is why we have handheld devices to record and monitor the care given and to plan the care needed alongside you so that it is truly person centred and places you at the heart of each decision.